Creating Great Living and Working Space

I have been fascinated with creating living and working spaces since a small child (my mother audaciously saved my ant house drawings ) and feel my spirits precipitately rise when looking at pictures, visiting and designing living and working spaces. Probably why I also love doing everything in 3d for better previews. I have been an architect for 25+ years and like to create inspiring and easily maintained living and working space to raise ALL our spirits for years to come!
Relatively simple projects: have a 1/2 retainer and 1/2 when drawings are complete and/or permit pulled.
More complex projects: A classic architectural path is taken through Phases 1-3, see below.
Everything is done in 3d so there are no hidden visual surprises. The fee is set at the beginning but varies with the complexity of the project. It is divided into 3 payments with 1/3 to begin, 1/3 at the end of Phase 2 and 1/3 when the documents are complete and stamped. If construction administration is needed a reasonable hourly fee can be negotiated.
Phase 1 | Start-up / Preliminary Design (30% Completion) :
 What we do at this stage is have your site surveyed by a survey company if it’s a new home and/or measure and dimension the existing home if the new design is an addition and obviously within the easement setbacks. As a registered architect I am able to do drawings for DIYers to pull a permit or help you find a contractor who will pull the permit. I work out of my home and will hold meetings in your home or a coffeehouse until we get the design to your satisfaction in this first stage.

    • If a remodel, addition or build-out I will measure and photograph your existing home, business and site (as necessary) to create as-built drawings of existing elements as an underlay to the new design. Only new homes require a survey, remodels require a survey if there is any question of where the setbacks are located.
    • Conceptual Design : I will then create Concept Drawings for your new design, including multiple option packages (as necessary) for your review and discussion.
    • Schematic Design : We’ll then refine the Concept Drawings (based on your feedback), advancing design parameters such as site positioning, size, layout and general look/feel of your new design.

Phase 2 | Design Development (60% Completion) :

    • Refine the Schematic Design drawings (based on your feedback) towards an approximate 60% completion. At this point the visual design will be complete with renderings.
    • If you have selected a General Contractor I will assist you in obtaining Preliminary Construction Cost estimates with a pricing/bid  set of drawings.

Phase 3 | Construction Documentation (100% Completion) :

    • All the Design Development information is incorporated into technical drawings for Permit and Construction.
    • High quality common sense building construction details that save on your energy bill.
    • Building Code compliance (and other project-related local ordinances) are carefully reviewed and incorporated into the final design.
    • Includes drawings, specifications & schedules for your selected General Contractor(s) to finalize costs, apply for Permit(s), and build.

Phase 4 | Construction Administration (optional) :

    • My drawings are usually so complete that this is not needed but will voluntarily drop in to see how things are going.
    • If additional design is needed a fee is negotiate in the contract.