My husband and I were in search of an architect to develop a set of construction documents to extend our breakfast room, add a bedroom, add a bathroom, add a laundry room, and add a covered patio to the bottom floor of our home and to add a closet to the upstairs floor of our home.  After meeting with a few other architects, one of our neighbor recommended Ms. Francis Hamilton.  After our initial meeting with Ms. Hamilton, we decided to contract with her to develop our set of construction documents because of her knowledge of the architectural field and the great ideas that she recommended to us.  We met with Ms. Hamilton on a few occasions to assess our construction needs and she was very attentive, responsive, and ensured all of our construction needs were met.  Ms. Hamilton answered all of the questions that we had throughout the design process and she delivered the set of construction documents in the timeframe that we discussed.  Our builder was able to complete the construction of our additions with no questions or additional information needed because the construction documents were clear, detailed, and accurate.  We were very pleased with Ms. Hamilton’s architect services and I highly recommend her for your architectural needs!  Please let me know if you have any questions. 

Thank you, G Jones Age-In-Place Client

Thank you, G Jones Age-In-Place

This letter serves as a recommendation for Frances Hamilton to provide the architectural services required to design a new home for you and your family. Great Choice!

I’ve worked with Frances off and on for many years. She helped me design some large and complex homes when I was in private practice in Atlanta, and she has helped me with projects remotely when I started my practice here in Birmingham. In fact, although not architecturally related, she even designed and maintains my website.

 Frances is a conscientious architect that practices at a high level of the discipline. She has design talent, but unlike most others in the field, she is super technologically proficient. Probably because of her wide range of professional experience, she uses the latest design software which very few residential designers even know about. This is important because, on the front end, it allows the client to understand the building three dimensionally and, on the back end, it helps produce a superior set of construction documents from which a contractor can build.

 Finally, Frances takes her work very seriously and puts her soul into everything she does, especially if it’s architecture. I think you will find her a delight to work with.

 Please feel free to call if you have any questions. Sincerely,

M. Taylor Dawson, III AIA www.taylordawson.com