how it works

We specialize in custom homes, remodels and additions … using the latest architectural technology your lifestyle will be custom designed into the architecture of your home, economically and in 3D will change your life.

How we do it:
1- Contact me and we will discuss various options and plan a site visit.
2- I will laser measure your house.
3- The laser generated documentation will be shaped into the new addition or remodel plans. On my laptop or through screen sharing you will see in detail exactly in 3D how everything will appear and changes can be made in real time.
4- From your approved 3D model of the remodel of your house construction documents will be generated. From these a construction loan can be obtained and a builder can pull building permits and begin construction of your addition or remodel.
1- Having plans, perspective land and a builder is required to apply for a construction loan, read about it here.
2- Find the land upon which to build it and obtain the survey.
3- Together we will work out plans and elevations in 3D to match your lifestyle and budget.
4- With your survey, plans and other input the contractor and I will approximate the cost to build.
5- If this fits your budget we will proceed with plans from which a construction loan can be obtained and your builder can pull a permit. We can also do value engineering to reduce the cost and still fit your lifestyle.
6- Our design fee for the custom construction documents is 6% of the estimated cost to build the home.