Architectural History Authorships

A Big History of Architecture, from the Big Bang Until Now: Information Sculpts Energy into Form

2021- WEB PAGE: McGill Place History

2015- PAMPHLET: Looking at Atlanta | AIA National Convention Guide to Atlanta 2015 | Co-chair

2002- WEBSITE: Sweet Auburn Buildings | Georgia Institute of Technology Masters of Science in Digital Media 2002
(Flash and Shockwave have been retired by Adobe so much of the site doesn’t function fully)

1998-2002- WEBSITE:  Marietta Street Artery Association Neighborhood History 1837-2003

1994- BOOK: Museum School Learning Space Evolution from Single Room Schools until Present
M arch : Masters of  Architecture | University  of Florida; This book in original 1994 form exists as a book in the Architecture and Fine Arts Library at The University of Florida, Library of Congress # LD1780.1 1994.H34