In Big Architecture the finch beak forms are lifes architecture being sculpted by slightly different environmental information on each island, for more efficient access to energy flow (seeds in this case). The birds with the improved beaks for breaking open the energy sources would have slightly better access to food (energy), with better-fed birds tending over thousands of years to take over the genetic pool with their beak forms.

The evolution of Darwin’s finch beaks took 1000’s of years of trial and error between environmental information (leading to the best energy source)  and the chance mutation of DNA.  The Sapient architecture built on these islands has been evolving for just hundreds of years. The evolution of building form is a little faster by added layers of Sapient information:

  1. ENGINEERING: The ingenuity, artistry and agency of human craftspeople, utilizing past experience to make more climate-adapted and comfortable habitats.
  2. SOCIAL VALUES: Projecting the social values and/or status of the residential or commercial buildings inhabitants.