Creating Great Living Space

I have been fascinated with creating living spaces since a small child (my mother audaciously saved my ant house drawings ) and feel my spirits precipitately rise when looking at pictures, visiting and designing living space. Probably why I also love doing everything in 3d for better previews. I have been an architect for 20+ years and would like to create inspiring and easily maintained living space for you and your family and raise all our spirits for years to come!
PROJECT PATH: Every complete project has a similar path through Phases 1-3. Everything is done in 3d so there are no hidden visual surprises.
FEE: Is set at the beginning but varies with the complexity of the project. It is divided into 3 payments with 1/3 to begin, 1/3 at the end of Phase 2 and 1/3 when the documents are complete and stamped. If construction administration is needed a reasonable hourly fee can be negotiated.
Phase 1 | Start-up / Preliminary Design (30% Completion) :
What you need to do at this stage is have your site surveyed and start looking around for a possible contractor. I work out of my home and will hold meetings in your home or a coffeehouse until we get the design to your satisfaction.

    • I will measure and photograph your existing home and site (as necessary) to create as-built drawings of your existing home as an underlay to the new design.
    • Concept Design : I will then create Concept Drawings for your new design, including multiple option packages (as necessary) for your review and discussion.
    • Schematic Design : We’ll then refine the Concept Drawings (based on your feedback), advancing design parameters such as site positioning, size, layout and general “style” of your new design.

Phase 2 | Design Development (60% Completion) :

    • Refine the Schematic Design drawings (based on your feedback) towards an approximate 60% completion. At this point the visual design will be complete with renderings.
    • Assist you in obtaining Preliminary Construction Cost estimates from selected General Contractors.

Phase 3 | Construction Documentation (100% Completion) :

    • All the Design Development information is incorporated into technical drawings for Permit and Construction.
    • High quality common sense building construction details that save on your energy bill.
    • Building Code compliance (and other project-related local ordinances) are carefully reviewed and incorporated into the final design.
    • Includes drawings, specifications & schedules for your selected General Contractor(s) to finalize costs, apply for Permit(s), and build.