ways to make building more affordable with 100 year sustainability FIVE ALTERNATIVE CONSTRUCTION METHODS: smart building to keep costs down SMART HOUSE PLANS:World Class House Plans That Reduce Waste

ways to make energy bills more affordable and sustainable SOLAR PANELS: hannah solar RAIN WATER CYCLING: georgia water tanks ZERO ENERGY/POSITIVE ENERGY: Zero Energy Hotel Above the Arctic Circle

materials RECYCLED SURFACES: dex GREEN SOUNDPROOFING: multifamily greenfiber firewall/sound proofing MATERIALS: with patina

people thinking about residential housing HOMELESS HOUSING: pop-up-architecture-for-homeless URBAN HOUSING REVIEW: people like living in cities TINY HOUSING: Atlanta

urban living DESIGN IS HUMAN: A site examines Atlanta’s building activity in the past blending into the present. JANES WALK: Jane’s Walk is an annual festival of free, citizen-led walking conversations inspired by Jane Jacobs. On the first weekend of May every year, Jane’s Walk festivals take place in hundreds of cities around the world. Jane’s Walks encourage people to share stories about their neighborhoods, discover unseen aspects of their communities, and use walking as a way to connect with their neighbors. ATLANTA CITY STUDIO READING GROUP: events ATLANTA CIVIC INNOVATION CENTER: atlanta’s home for social impact