About HAstudio 2021

Hamilton Architecture Studio
Am taking a break from building projects to write and illustrate a science book “A Big History of Architecture, from the Big Bang Until Now: How Information Sculpts Energy into Form“.  An architects take on the universe, all form sculpted by information is ARCHITECTURE. From the beginning of the universe until now, all form is sculpted by the available information that selects for electron flow. Like architectural plans this book is made understandable by drawings. 3dStudio Max is being utilized for scientific and architectural illustrations and other software for laying it out.

Life is nothing but an electron looking for a place to rest.
— Nobel Prize Winning Physiologist Albert Szent-GyÖrgyi

SYNOPSIS: From the beginning of the universe (14 billions years or so ago)  energy (the bricks) is sculpted by information (the mortar) creating all form. Universes are built upon Universes as they stabilize.
UNIVERSE #1: The Physical Universe→ After the Big Bang particles are the most basic form of energy waiting to be sculpted. After several billions of years of interacting with the 5 most basic energy forces forces these particles are sculpted into complex atoms.
UNIVERSE #2:  The Live Universe→ Under temperate conditions like on Earth, atoms combine into molecules sharing electrons. Then when an electron was snapped off by a suns photon, this magic spark of sustainable energy began organizing the chain of life. Information that sculpted paths for electrons to follow was selected for, and all forms of life, powered by electrons and sculpted by the earths environmental information, began to gain complexity and function.
UNIVERSE #3: The Sapient Universe→ Electrons fly off the fingertips of the Sapients. Surrounded and sculpted by accumulated working information for electron paths, they take over the world. As in Darwinian Classical Evolution, the working information enabling electron travel survives and organizes information for further electron flow. This is why things are slowly getting better→ 100K years ago we were hunter-gatherers sitting around open fires, watching our backs for wolf predators. Now in nations that efficiently organized their cultures to free their information resources, all we have to do is push a button for heat or cool air and the wolves have evolved into our most  loyal friends!